Yang Linda Yang

Yang Linda Yang

An education in public policy started my analytical training. A passion for art and technology sparked my career path. The belief that incremental to monumental change begins in the details is what drives my work forward.

Curiouser & Curiouser

My parents named me Yang. They hoped for memorability. Some call me Linda. They choose familiarity.

Coast to coast to coast I roamed until I found a rent-controlled apartment to call home. Fortune brought me to the Bay, where Design is my trade. I work on modeling and mastering languages, visual and verbal, creative and coded, mental and machine.

At my best, I discover patterns, define systems, and solve future problems. I make late-night breakthroughs and advocate for afternoon naps. Through my experience, I eschew pixel perfection and pursue productive progress. I am not too cool for idealism but I have a low tolerance for inefficacy.

I am a human, student, spouse, daughter, and friend. I write in riddles and rhymes for feelings and fears I cannot recite. My compulsion for cleverness is at times crippling. I try to try everything at least once. I read every Hercules Poirot mystery at least thrice. My appetite for noodle soup is bottomless. The views from the heights of this Valley are boundless.

My grandmother sets the bar with her relentless studies. My mother survived a Cultural Revolution so that I can advance one of my own. Courage is my highest ideal, but curiosity changes the world.




Fill Your Appetite

Design analysis and exploration of a mobile app for ordering food.

East Met West

An Event of the Internet

An algorithm churned and two machines whirred. A mob of electrons danced across two screens and two hearts skipped a beat. One mouse clicked "Wink" and its other's cursor blinked. Soul met soul in instant clicks and created a pair coded with tics: Eastern motifs, Western typography, contrast and harmony, stroke and weight, private and public, announce and respond, daily and glossy, inform and entertain.


Good Apps Make Good Neighbors

Walls, physical and metaphorical, keep us apart. As our cities expand and our neighborhoods become more densely populated, our neighbors are more likely to be impersonal strangers than familiar friends. How would we meet them? What would we do or talk about together? What would we have in common?


Access Your Home’s Full Health and Safety History

Everyone deserves to live in a safe and healthy home. HousingCheckup provides tenants and their advocates access to a property’s complete health history, such as landlord information, current code violations, and past health and safety inspections.


The Tarnished Chinese Dream

Causes and Consequences of Chinese Graduate Unemployment in China

Educational expansion over the past decade in China promised to distribute the prestige of higher education and the profits of market reform to millions more Chinese students. However, the graduate labor market has not kept pace with the expansion, leaving at least a million students jobless every year. The dearth of prospects for so many of its brightest young people cuts to the heart of Chinese society, a society rooted in the veneration of education. Therefore, this thesis assesses the causes of growing unemployment among recent college graduates in China and analyzes its social and political consequences.

Motivating Young Adults to Vote

Examining Social-Psychological Explanations for the Electoral Energy of Generation O

This paper proposes a study to evaluate social-­psychological explanations for recent trends in youth political participation and predict the future development of these trends. First, it will examine and describe election trends from 2004 to 2008, the “electoral story of Generation O.” Then, it will organize and present the literature on motives for political participation in an adapted framework. It will analyze the methods of the Obama campaign in inspiring youth voter turnout within this framework. Finally, it will elaborate on the design and methods of a study to obtain empirical evidence in support of previous qualitative observations.


Vase of Flowers by Jan Davidsz de Heem (1645) is the chosen wallpaper, the intentional backdrop to my world view at the moment. I've blanketed it all over my phone, my social media profiles, even my bedroom wall. In this age of minimalist conformity at maximum speed, I find inspiration and insight in the visual cornucopia, the moral contemplation, and the conscientious detail of Dutch still-life paintings. An artist could spend decades of his life painting a single flower as he waits season after season for the fullest bloom, the freshest blush. In his sensitivity to and worship of the luxury of life, perhaps he has escaped the inevitability of death.

Time, and timelessness, are not easy to capture. My meager tribute borrows from the masters. I built this with Foundation, Jekyll, Grunt, Bower, Git, the Behind The Scenes Of Nike Better World Smashing Magazine article, InstaFeed.js.